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Something that is viewed as forbidden by society’s standards and therefore is rarely talked about openly. Some are less taboo then they were in the past and some are more then ever taboo. And while most have to do with sex, some taboos have to do with food, and others beliefs, and all of them will bring a conversation to a dead stop if you bring them up because these are all things most people do not what to talk about.

Example’s of modern day taboo’s: cannibalism; incest; pedophilia; necrophilia; bestiality; miscegenation; adultery; nudity; masturbation; homosexuality; bisexuality; anal sex; having a fetish;BDSM; pornography; rape; suicide; drug addiction; divorce; depression; death; AIDs; cancer; racism; eating dogs, cats, horses and other pets; eating insects such as weevils and maggots; drinking blood; using certain four letter words; menstruation; religion; one’s political views, and how much money you make.
Some taboos are meant to be broken, other's are best just left alone!

When Kira tried making the conversation more interesing by mentioning some taboo subjects, silence fell and the others quickly changed the subject to real estate.
by OneBadAsp November 04, 2006
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One who has a mania for music.
I am a melomaniac.
by Larstait November 14, 2003
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Something that is generally not talked about.
A topic that makes people unforfortable like death, cancer, AIDS, child prostitution, inner family rape...
Breaking a taboo: "Wow Mr. White, I have such a bad rash on my balls!"

breaking another taboo:"Did you ever wonder what it feels like to fuck your grandma when she is dead?"
by DaMulder May 04, 2004
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Something that is out of the ordinary and goes against the norm. Generally unspoken about and often frowned upon. Can be a practice, culture, person or thing.
The other night I walked in on my friend sucking a fart out of his fat girlfriends unwiped ass! How taboo is that!?
by Pierre Woodman February 10, 2013
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1. (Original meaning) "Sacred" - something too sacred in fact for it to be allowed to be profaned by the common people.

2. The exact opposite of Sacred - something that is too profane for the common herd!
1. Village Elder: don't desecrate the shrine, it's taboo.

2. Moron: 'Ere, don't you be talking about incest or bestiality, it's taboo!
by Dr Pinch May 10, 2005
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Laurie's Mom: Where's Laurie? I forgot to give her her lunch money for tomorrow.

Jenn: She's out whoring on the corner. She won't be back until like 7am, right when school starts.

Laurie's Mom: Oh ok, well when you see her in math class tomorrow can you give her this? And let me know how many dicks she sucked, she knows 5 per night is her limit!
by Eddie J. September 14, 2008
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An amazing board game made by none other than Hasbro:

Time is against you. You know what you'd like to say if you could only find the words. But some thins in life are strictly ... TABOO.

Example: How do you get your team to say the word BIRTHDAY ... if you can't say the words HAPPY, ANNIVERSARY, CANDLES, PRESENT or CAKE?

You might say: "Friends and family sing to you once each year," or "You celebrate this event by blowing out a fire on top of a frosted dessert." Or you might hum the well-known tune until your team shouts, "Birthday!"

Each time your team shouts out the secret word, you get a point. But be careful! Your opponents will be looking over your shoulder, making sure you don't say of the TABOO words. Because if you do and they catch you, they sound the buzzed and score the point!

TABOO's unspeakable fun.
Holly: *thinks to herself* - the word is "Sarah Palin", but I cannot use the words "bitch," "dumb ass," "ugly whore." or "Dumb Republican"...

Holly's Team: C'mon, Holly! Give us some hints!

Holly: A dumb ass, bitch who is very ugly, resides in Alaska, and just quit being the governor. Now, she's out to become president.

Team B: Taboo! You used almost all the words they told you not to use.

Holly: This game is stupid! How else can you explain Sarah Palin?

Team B: It's the rules. Point for us!

Team A: Holly!!!!
by Crombie Boy July 18, 2009
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