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Nickname for the individual in a group who won't shut his/her yapper. He/She always has a comment ready for any situation, be it appropriate or not (usually not).
Person 1: Wow my (poker) hand is ugly.
The Mouth: Just like your face! Hahahahaaa!
Person 2,3,....: <Shakes Head>
Person 1: Shut up and bet Marc.
by Cocky September 08, 2005
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the dry arid state of one's mouth after the use of marijuana . Usualy resulting in the drinking of a beverage.
yo man i gots the mouth kid, word life , i need a drink son!
by ball$ June 01, 2007
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The area of the body where air is expelled. This is known as burping
I felt a burp arriving, so I opened the mouth I had as wide as possible and forced it out.
by it isn't corona time March 18, 2020
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