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Mamasse = my body
Mamuhsa = my spirit
Memaht = my thoughts
Husah = are pure.

It's a mantra meant to be said over and over again to remind yourself that in adversity you can rise above which is too high to get over and dig deeper than which is too low to get under.

It's also good to use this mantra when you believe you may do something you'll regret later.
Example 1

guy 1: Ohh man look at that fine piece of work. I would wear that out in a heartbeat.

guy 2: Funny you mention that because I heard she was actually asking about you the other day. Should I tell her you're married?

guy 1: Mamasse Mamuhsa Memaht Husah - woo. Tell her I'm off the market.

Example 2:

Guy 1: I have 3 projects all going on at once my kid's in trouble at school my wife says we don't spend enough quality time and my boss is breathing down my neck.

Wooo. Mamasse Mamuhsa Memaht Husah. Woo Hoo. I can do this. Nothing is impossible. God will not give me more than I can bear. Thanks Michael.
by Trinide June 25, 2010

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1. To tell someone new or uninformed how to survive in their environment who to respect who to get over on and over all how to win. (typically relating to the drug game or pimp game.)

2. to tell you how it is and how it will be.
"let me put you up on game homie before you get your head took off by these cats." Typically used as westcoast terminology.

The Game used this phrase as a hook for one of his songs.
by Trinide April 18, 2007

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1. A person who talks too much and tells everybody's business. Secret leaker

2. A person who talks trash

3. An unexpected guest for dinner.
1. "I don't know how everyone knows I only told one person."
"yeah but that one person you told was a mouth"

2. Mouth got his a$$ kicked at the club last night.

3. "I only made enough for US, I didn't know we were going to have a mouth"
by Trinide April 18, 2007

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Childish or immature.

rookie league.
Yo I can't do this 18 & over club, It's nickelodeon in here.

My baby's mom came up to my job acting all nickelodeon, almost got me fired.
by Trinide April 27, 2007

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the liquor store; or hard liquor
Man, I'm to the LIQ, drinks in the club are expensive as hell.
by Trinide October 25, 2007

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Everybody and they momma knows about something that was supposed to be private or valued information.
Keisha:(blurts out loudly) you know you can't buy no BigMac with your EBT card!
Dre: Damn Keish why you gotta put me on blast ave like that?

by Trinide April 30, 2007

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Oral sex from an older experienced woman.
Fukkin wit a older woman it's already cased closed; cause I put my He-Man in the power of Grayskull.
by Trinide May 14, 2007

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