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The first person to leave his group of friends and go home during a fun late night out. This person will often try and slip out (i.e. leak out) unnoticed to avoid the embarrassment and shame of being the first to leave his buddies.
Man, it's only 10 o'clock and there goes Lamont. He is such a leaker.

by Rick V August 03, 2007
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leaker n. Aus. A sexually alluring female, that is to say, one who "has holes that need to be plugged up".
O. was a leaker and would fuck anything that would help her into a job. She was a leaker who had a penchant for back door love.
by Bromp March 14, 2010
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A sub-catagory of hacker.

Someone who hacks into private computer systems and steals data, then releases them publically.
Hey, did you hear that some leaker got the Half Life 2 source code?
by Bluehawk July 16, 2004
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Leaker-Is a person who spreads rumours and false facts on ya name with no evidence to prove it
Arianna-Yeo i hurd about chu
Jio-Who u hurd it from and what is it
Arianna-ya ex said u cheated on her with mia
Jio-mannn shorty stay leaking shit like i dat shit never happened she cheated on me with George look at these texts
Arianna-wait what's a leaker
Jio-your so slow it's like when someone says sum thats not true
by trxll.pap1k March 17, 2019
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