"Shakes Head" is a word commonly used by teenagers that they utter to their parents who conduct themselves in a manner that is somewhat embarrasing to the teenanger. This occurs when someone brings a friend home and the father or mother say, act or make a motion that will embarasss their teenaged son or daughter. Immediately the teenager places the palm on their hand onto their forehead at the same time shaking their head and say the words "Shakes Head", immediately after the act or gesture of embarassment is displayed.
Dad quit shitting yourself in front of my friends"...."Shakes Head
by Rude Donny June 17, 2011
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When a guy shakes his head while eating a girl out. For some reason guys think that girls like this. It's really kind of annoying. And if he hasn't shaved like five minutes before it kind of hurts.
Matt was Shaking Head while eating me out last night. Now that whole area is raw.
by dannieisawesome October 24, 2009
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Shaking my head: something you do when a person or thing is so utterly rediculous that you just nod in disbelief
Person: OMG look at that lollipop it's huge

Me:that's a garden hose

Me: "shaking my head"
by Samantha_hill_ March 12, 2014
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When you are so dumbfounded in something that occurred.
John: I'd tell you a chemistry joke but I know I wouldn't get a reaction.
Bill: smh(shake my head)
by trybefore January 12, 2016
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What you say when something ridiculous happens; an act or expression of disapproval.

Long-Hand for "SMH"

This phrase was made popular by the website ShakesMyHead.com - A website Similar to FML (FMyLife.com) Where users share stories about their entertaining personal experiences
My friend says so much ridiculous stuff, that instead of typing out "shakes my head" I'll just type SMH!

My girlfriend got a tattoo of my face on her arm after we were dating for only a week.. Needless to say I broke up with her. SMH
by Ran Dumb Fax March 5, 2012
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A slight shake of the head, meaning you screwed up so bad, that the other side can only shake their head. Or, other side is fed up with your shit.
Example 1:
Bob: DUDE! I ate a porcupine -- when it was still ALIVE!
Freddy: *Shake of the head*

Example 2:
Bob: Dude, I climbed Mt. Everest, pulled of my helmet, para-glided down, and landed on my head! And the only evidence I have is this small scratch on my elbow!
Freddy: *Shake of the head*
by freddymcbob January 13, 2015
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When your head goes from the left side to the right and vice versa consecutively because of shame
Do you seriously not know what shaking your head is shake my head is a simple term guys
by Shogunyan February 8, 2016
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