Whenever someone says ¨the lube¨ they are referring to Voltaren muscle gel
Guy-What do I use
Girl-The lube
by Terran it up October 21, 2019
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A stimulating juice for making love that looks & feels like the juice a man excretes while making love.

Not to be confused with moisturiser/lotion, which also looks & feels like the juice a man excretes but is often used for making love with one's own self.
Dick: Alllllll riiiiiiiiiiight, time to put some lube and get down with some groove!
Pound: Just get the lotion, you're talking to yourself, so leave the commotion.
by nomanito December 30, 2016
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Short for "lubricant." Commercial product used to lubricate sexual intercourse, often anal sex between two men. Lube allows the penis to enter the anus without pulling or tearing of the anal tissue. It also allows time for the anus to expand and accept the incoming phallus.
Dude, it's not going to work without the KY. You'll rip me up otherwise.
by Max Payne March 7, 2003
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Pronounciation: LOOB
1. Abbreviation for the word lubricant.
2. A substance used to make the insertion of one object into another smoother. It generally refers to anal sex, but not always, as some regular intercourse may require lube as well. See rape). Can be flavored or unflavored.
2. A condom containing lube (see definition 2).
3. Any household products one can use for lubricating their genitals when masturbating.
1. Adam used the astro glide lube when he was fucking Johnathan up the bum.

2. I bought the lubed condoms to make anal sex easier.

3. He likes to use hand lotion for lube.
by Janis November 30, 2004
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An essential item for any paintballer. Always keep your gun well lubed, otherwise it will jam, break a ball, or something worse.
Not always used for sex, unlike most of the definitions on here state.
"I forgot to lube my gun today and it fucked up on me."
"Here, use some of mine. One drop should do it, this stuff is expensive."
by who_cares157 July 3, 2009
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A. To be extremely intoxicated with alcohol.
"Bro, I'm so lubed right now."
"I was so lubed at that party last night."
by youdonotneedtoknowme February 23, 2009
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