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Generally it is better if you keep the conversation that you are having with yourself in your head so people refrain from calling you any number of names starting with insane, unless of course it is a very interesting conversation on a very boring rainy day where other mental stimulation is nowhere to be found and a crazy person is funny not weird. During these circumstances it is always better to overdo it so the general public thinks you are kidding.

You are not crazy if you are talking to yourself as long as you do not answer.
"MOM! Johnny is talking to himself again!"
"Dont worry about it honey hes got nothing better to do today if you want to start talking to yourself, i am sure his personalities wont mind."
by tuxy August 05, 2009
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What you do when there is something on your mind and theres no one to talk to or you know that the other person wouldnt be intrested. Does not mean your crazy, you could just be bored or something, your not crazy unless your answering yourself or the topic is saying "I love you (insert persons name here)".
*This is what happens when a nosy bastard notices you talking to yourself.*

Dumbass: Like OMG! He's talking to himself, ewww! Weirdo!
by big whoop wanna fight about it November 04, 2009
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