A stimulating juice for making love that looks & feels like the juice a man excretes while making love.

Not to be confused with moisturiser/lotion, which also looks & feels like the juice a man excretes but is often used for making love with one's own self.
Dick: Alllllll riiiiiiiiiiight, time to put some lube and get down with some groove!
Pound: Just get the lotion, you're talking to yourself, so leave the commotion.
by nomanito December 30, 2016
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Short for "lubricant." Commercial product used to lubricate sexual intercourse, often anal sex between two men. Lube allows the penis to enter the anus without pulling or tearing of the anal tissue. It also allows time for the anus to expand and accept the incoming phallus.
Dude, it's not going to work without the KY. You'll rip me up otherwise.
by Max Payne March 7, 2003
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An essential item for any paintballer. Always keep your gun well lubed, otherwise it will jam, break a ball, or something worse.
Not always used for sex, unlike most of the definitions on here state.
"I forgot to lube my gun today and it fucked up on me."
"Here, use some of mine. One drop should do it, this stuff is expensive."
by who_cares157 July 3, 2009
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Predominantly defined as K-Y Jelly. Which happens to be a main water based lubricant which is used in sexual activity without destroying the condom if you're using one.
ONLY homosexuals refer to it as "anal lube".
It doesn't matter how wet or dry a female is, K-Y Jelly always makes sex better. Even when just masturbating alone, whether you're male or female.
Mainly used when you don't have time or tired of "foreplay".
K-Y Jelly makes sex better. YES! Females eventually dry up no matter how wet they are and need that EXTRA moisture to keep sex painless. ONLY if you're able to go the distance and not blowing your load like a 20 year old clueless goober who thinks he knows everything about sex, you may have to use so called LUBE!

Period. Just don't forget to pull out. Unless you're wearing a condom.
DUDE!!! I just used LUBE while fucking my girlfriend and it was AWESOME!!!
by mc0341 July 21, 2019
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The zig zag track underneath the zipper.
Mom my zipper is undone pass me some lube
by SuccleMyToes November 7, 2017
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Where a woman has sex with you. So called because the vigina fluid lubercates the pecker in sex.
I asked Kathy to lube me.
by Deep blue 2012 June 29, 2010
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