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The final stage in the evolution of a butt.

Flat (you're spanking bones) > Petite (awww it's cute) > Apple (nice to eat and look) > Bubble (Instagram certified thicc) > Booty (ticket to rap videos)

Best served with skinny jeans, leggings and yoga pants.
Nicki: Boy you got a nice booty on you!

Minhaj: Boo, I'm Hassan Minhaj, I've got everything nice going on!
by nomanito March 15, 2019

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A language Samuel L. Jackson speaks.
"English Motherfucker! Do You Speak It!?"

Or as Samuel L. Jackson would say in Kingsman: The Secret Service:

"Englis Motherfucker! Do You Speak Ith?"
by nomanito May 14, 2016

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A stimulating juice for making love that looks & feels like the juice a man excretes while making love.

Not to be confused with moisturiser/lotion, which also looks & feels like the juice a man excretes but is often used for making love with one's own self.
Dick: Alllllll riiiiiiiiiiight, time to put some lube and get down with some groove!
Pound: Just get the lotion, you're talking to yourself, so leave the commotion.
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by nomanito December 30, 2016

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Where paying for sex is a short term transaction rather than a long term soul-consuming commitment.
John: Let's go to the brothel I got my first pay check!

Oliver: I'm your dad son; this is not okay!
by nomanito May 20, 2016

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It's like the exclamation point at the middle or end of every sentence for people mostly from South Asia.
David: Hey man how you doing?

Amir: Not good bhenchod

David: Woah bhenchod

Amir: What bhenchod?
by nomanito May 08, 2016

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A bro who gropes.
Charlie: Man, is MJ really a broper?

Sheen: Maybe he's a gang banger you never know...I dunno bro, let's hug it out!
by nomanito September 23, 2016

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The knockout blow to win a nerd-off where you use Google to put people in their place...for a couple of seconds until everyone forgets about it.
Julie: Yahoo! I just Google Punched you, you asshole!

Linda: Well turns out you're wrong and you're getting Bing punted for this!

Julie: Woah! Wrong?! Well I've Ask Jeeves about it!
by nomanito September 18, 2016

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