the result of four nerdy bastards failing to notice the cemi tralier screaming down the road packed with calateral cream and driven by the unlisceneced and retarded lutkins loving crazy eyes.
aight, wats all the bloddy commotion.

a manitee caused a commotion. deep beneath the ocean.
by January 23, 2004
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When an event is stimultaneously chaotic and emotional
The craziness of packing to move and saying goodbye to good friends has been very commotional.
by TiffMoo June 2, 2017
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A word used to describe someone who is known to cause a commotion when feeling overly emotional. Portmanteau of commotion and emotional
Dont get that girl all riled up, you know she's the commotional type.
by cbo1 June 3, 2011
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Verb. Get out. Nigerian Pidgin to get out (of a place, situation, conversation,...)
synonyms: leave, go
Commot for road,My FRIEND! shay you no dey see person. (Get out the way. Can't you see somebody is coming through)
by NaijaTalkative July 10, 2019
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A word to describe the feeling one has when surrounded by commotion.
I left that bar because it was so crowded and noisy, I felt commotional.
by Snovas October 15, 2008
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