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Pronounciation: LOOB
1. Abbreviation for the word lubricant.
2. A substance used to make the insertion of one object into another smoother. It generally refers to anal sex, but not always, as some regular intercourse may require lube as well. See rape). Can be flavored or unflavored.
2. A condom containing lube (see definition 2).
3. Any household products one can use for lubricating their genitals when masturbating.
1. Adam used the astro glide lube when he was fucking Johnathan up the bum.

2. I bought the lubed condoms to make anal sex easier.

3. He likes to use hand lotion for lube.
by Janis November 30, 2004
To have large breasts.
Man, that fat computer geek sure is racked!
by Janis September 26, 2004
A term used by computer illiterate people to describe every action they do on the computer.
They think they sound like they know what they are doing and are computer-smart, but in reality, they're complete morons.
I downloaded the report to my boss.

Do you know how to download these mp3's on my desktop to a CD so I can play them on my walkman?
by Janis December 11, 2004
When someone is done smoking a cigarette, they toss the still lit butt at you, thus the "shooting star" effect. The usual aim for this is to either burn a hole in your clothes or have it go down your shirt without you noticing. Usually, unless they're real bastards, they will shout "shooting star" to give you a warning about what they're about to do.
Johnathan gave me a shooting star yesterday, effectively burning a hole in my new trench coat. He's fucking going down.
by Janis March 28, 2005
A word added on to the end of either "yeah" or "no" to make it very so or not very so.
"Would you fuck Sarah if you got the chance?"
"Yeah way!"

"Eric says he got a 96 on the Biology test."
"No way! Eric is as dumb as a rock."
by Janis March 16, 2005
A huge, worldwide animal rights organization. They claim to be in support of helping animals, but they don't actually do anything productive. PETA spends its funds on creating stickers that say things like "Leather Is For Losers" and distributing them, instead of providing homes for stray animals like humane societies or trying to pass legislation like the ASPCA.
PETA gives vegetarians and animal rights activists a bad name.
by Janis January 19, 2006