the use of loading dock area of a store at a shopping centre most commonly at the back of the complex
used as the private, social, and preffered location for quick transactional exchanges of items,

goods, social meeting point , a hub , hangout, meetup point, car park, stash area,

pre hangout, post hangout chill area,

skipping class designated spot,

girlfriend zone,

spewing spitting pissing friendly area
Whos at The Hull? i need a smoke
Lets meet at The Hull at 12 tonight!
I was at The Hull taking a piss ok
by MöLLYNAS March 4, 2019
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a place in the north of england and when u go there u have to ask ur self one question "when traverlers were on there way to a better place the stopped and said hey lets build a city here?" people from this so called hidden land do not prononce h's eg ome=home otel=hotel ouse=house even ull=hull
by queen elizabeth July 10, 2004
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A city in the North East of England consisting of 10 per cent students and 90 per cent chavs(also see chav).
"Damn, that's the biggest gathering of chavs I've ever seen!"

"What do you expect in Hull?"
by Becki February 4, 2005
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Where naughty Ulster Unionists go.
Ian Paisley: Don't fuck the pope, or you'll go to Hull.
by Andy May 14, 2004
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Hull = Scum
The worst city i have ever been to in mu life. Can't go 10 seconds without seeing townie scum, drug addicts and the homeless, all asking you to spare change. I once was asked for change from a guy because "just got out of prison mate and need some money". Need i say more. Oh yeah, the girls are all minging slags.
" voted officially the worst city in the north of England for the 3rd time in the last 5 years..."
The Independent 12th December 2003
by Scunthorpe November 16, 2004
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sh*thole...a very cold grubby city that despite seeing roadseepers everywhere... never seems to look any cleaner, full of insolent pricks who can not seem to grasp the idea of people being different. see also hell-hole
look also under hell-hole
by A RATHER BITTER "ULL-ITE" April 20, 2004
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you sick fucker, you're going to hull. via croydon.
by Berk November 18, 2003
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