a euphemism used by beggars that refers to "legal tender" in small or otherwise large quantities.
beggar: "got any spare change, my man?"
me: "no"
by volound July 31, 2012
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when your wearing boxers or no underwear the dribble that comes out after peeing. ( North Gulf Coast Slang- Mobile to Louisiana)
Walking back from the bathroom at the club, I didn't shake enough and spare change ran dripped down my leg.
by btlh2oguy July 2, 2009
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A low class whore, raking in the pennies like an 80's arcade machine.

Also refered to as a Spare-Changer.
Guy 1: Holy crap, man, her skirt's so short you can count all the babies she's aborted.
Guy 2: That's a Spare Change Hooker if I ever saw one.
by Pineyappul September 20, 2008
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Spare Change: After going on a three day Vegas bender, you wake up in an unfamiliar Mexican motel, no wallet, no socks, and no cell phone plus a king size hangover. The only thing you have is the spare change your "escort" left for you on the night stand. Your wasted fantasy football bench points will feel like spare change, congratulations!
I benched Matt Ryan against the Saints, 30 wasted points, I am the Spare Change Award winner.
by ZRxSean September 12, 2014
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When your girlfriend has been on mad one for days and her voice has finally given. So now you can finally be brave and wind her up properly , as there is no consequence for you current self, but for you future self, of whom you empathize but self destructively cannot save, much like your partners voice.
Shut up with that spare change voice. I didn't care then , and I don't now , setal petal. If you want to use your mouth you can Nosh us off like a good crackhead, as your ears are sick of your own voice box, and that's why it's cut out.

And I swear if your spastic ass hits me one more time, you will Mr Tumble down those stairs.
(Clap between syllables towards her towards the end to add in a little phizaz women love it)
by Pom123 April 9, 2022
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