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Similar to the friend zone which is usually female to male, except in this case the male 'girlfriend zones' the female. Even though the female would like to be just friends, the male cannot view her as anything besides a potential romantic partner. He will hit on her and then act upset when she doesn't want to be in a relationship with him. Victims of the girlfriend zone may sometimes be labeled as a tease.

This can go for both genders. (boyfriend zoned)
Ann: So are you hanging out with Ben after class today?
Leslie: No, he girlfriend zoned me hard. Hes a cool guy, but I can't hang out with him for more than 10 minutes without him making a pass at me.
by msier February 12, 2013
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First adopted by feminists intended to replace "friend zone" entirely. Use to explain how a manipulative woman can take advantage of a man by excepting gifts and favors under the false pretenses of a relationship and still make it the man's fault.

could be used to explain unwanted attention from a man but feminists ruined it before it even started.
"Why tell him he's girlfriend zoned me when he's been paying my bills, buying me concert tickets, and taking me out to dinner for the last 4 months."
by Doc Riot January 12, 2017
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