A sexual position in which the male has his mate bent over doggy-style. As he is getting ready to penetrate her vagina, he fills her bootyhole with fresh, warm honey. As he penetrates her from behind he dips his fingers in the warm honey in her booty, and as it strings up to his fingers he eats it as Winnie the Pooh would. All of this occurs while listening to the Winnie the Pooh theme song. Extra style points if the male is dressed like Winnie.
As Brent was acting out his fantasy of being a beekeeper in the bedroom, he asked his girlfriend if they could perform "the honeypot" with freshly extracted honey.
by Yourfavoritebeekeeper September 5, 2020
When a person uses things that you either enjoy or arouse you to do what they want.
He loved girls with glasses and thought that bitch was as blind as a bat. She was honeypotting him.
by Dr. Fincher March 31, 2015
Her pussy is so sweet, it can only be called a honeypot.
by Pompatus of Love September 4, 2016
A honeypot is a network-attached system set up as a decoy to lure cyberattackers and to detect, deflect or study hacking attempts in order to gain unauthorized access to information systems. The same goes vice versa, in which a hacker tries to distract a, e.G. , Company with a mock-up hack, to proceed to the main hack, of which the, e.G. , company doesn’t know about.
Company: fuck, i think weve been dealing with a honeypot
by thotaroo June 18, 2020
The female genitalia...another word/phrase for vagina or 'pussy'. Extensively used by lesbians.
"Oh man, she had the sweetest honeypot!" Or "I want some of her honeypot."
by be-bop-a-lula January 2, 2005
Female genetalia. Vagina. Pussy. It probably references a "sweet surprise" not unlike the coveted treat of Winnie the Pooh. Misleading in the sense that honeypot tastes nothing like honey and is (hopefully) not as gaping or wide as an actual honeypot.
Come lick my honeypot baby!
by Markoooo October 26, 2006
When you Cum, jizz, "bust a nut" in to your or any other personsite belly button.

Joe ling

Colbey Smith
I honeypotted my self last night!
by linglingovgy July 14, 2017