A honeypot is a network-attached system set up as a decoy to lure cyberattackers and to detect, deflect or study hacking attempts in order to gain unauthorized access to information systems. The same goes vice versa, in which a hacker tries to distract a, e.G. , Company with a mock-up hack, to proceed to the main hack, of which the, e.G. , company doesn’t know about.
Company: fuck, i think weve been dealing with a honeypot
by thotaroo June 18, 2020
Her pussy is so sweet, it can only be called a honeypot.
by Pompatus of Love September 4, 2016
A man with a fore-skin, using this fore-skin in combination with another persons tongue or finger.
The fore-skin is held open as the other fingers with him/her's finger or tongue.
Oh, baby please honeypot me. You haven't honey-potted me for days.
by KaptanKrackaFat June 2, 2018
Honeypot is a term used on the deep web to identify websites which are likely sting operations. They are characterized by being easily found, and generally selling illicit drugs, or illegally selling firearms for prices too good to be true. As stated previously these deep web sites are generally sting operations ran by the FBI.
I was going to buy some drugs off this site I found on the deep web, but I suspected it was a Honeypot; I didn't buy the drugs in the end.
by MidWestSlangExplained March 15, 2017
Kaitlins Vagina
Kaitlin has a juicy luscious honeypot.”
by JosieCor March 20, 2020
When a person uses things that you either enjoy or arouse you to do what they want.
He loved girls with glasses and thought that bitch was as blind as a bat. She was honeypotting him.
by Dr. Fincher March 31, 2015