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Her pussy is so sweet, it can only be called a honeypot.
by Pompatus of Love September 04, 2016
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During sexy time, one consenting adult partner inserts entire hand into the other consenting adult partner's poop shoot (pot), then removes hand to lick the anal juices(honey) off of them. A nod to Winnie the Pooh.
"My husband and I tried to spice things up by honey potting each other. We've never been more in love."
"You know that bitch Dre? She tried to honey pot me the other night! She a freak."
"You know, I honey potted a hooker the other night and man, that shit was no honey. Literally. It was shit."
by Snatchtastic May 03, 2015
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Where a person (typically a male) or the opposite gender spreads open ones asshole, and proceeds by peeing in the other persons asshole
Oh shit, he honey pot all up in Jayden!
by XanFrank March 12, 2018
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A Honey Pot is where a group of Big Gay Bears gather in a circle and masturbate into a large pot or cauldron. It is comparable to a Soggy Biscuit.
Bob was the last one to ejaculate into the Honey Pot. So he had to eat the contents first.
by MB8 February 17, 2010
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A man with a fore-skin, using this fore-skin in combination with another persons tongue or finger.
The fore-skin is held open as the other fingers with him/her's finger or tongue.
Oh, baby please honeypot me. You haven't honey-potted me for days.
by KaptanKrackaFat June 12, 2018
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In the age of outhouses, the honey pot was the pot one would urinate in if they didn't fee like going outside to the outhouse.
There was a blizzard, so Henry decided to use the honey pot instead of freezing his ass off.
by ZIG January 04, 2005
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