When having sex in the doggy position, withdraw and allow spit to fall across the partners' back. Thinking you have came across their back, they will turn, when you can really release. Ideally, aim for the face.
She wouldn't let me come in her face, so I pulled a decoy on her.
by Ian January 30, 2005
In urban driving, it's that driver who wants to pass you much faster than traffic. If you let them get in front of you, which is what they want, then the police will pull them over first.
1. A driver who has somewhere to be knows how to be the second-fastest car on the road, and not be a decoy for someone else.

2. Yeah, I have somewhere to be but I'm not going any faster than 74. That guy who just zoomed past is my decoy.

3. Awesome, a decoy! Let me merge right and let you pass. I'll wave to you on the shoulder in 10 miles.
by Boston Driver April 13, 2013
A usually attractive female who lures men and has bad intentions to do them harm.
What out for her she's a decoy.
When a group ugly of men or women has an attractive person accompany them social events to attract the opposite sex.
I wasw fooled into introducing myself to these chicks because of their decoy.
by Darrell (Pops) Wilson February 20, 2008
The female friends you hang out with to attract more women coming to you.
Guy 1: Why are you spending money on these girls when they do not put out for you?
Guy 2: Man, they are decoys, I got plenty of bi***ches off of them!!
by LexicalBoomer January 12, 2020