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The act of a girl exposing herself as a thot to another person.
A: Hey, dude..
B: What?
A: You know Jessica, right?
B: Yeah sure, what about her?
A: I think she pulled a Thot-a-Roo on me
by thotaroo May 8, 2020
It's when a nice girl exposes herself as an thot in front of another person.
"Hey dude, You know Jessica?"
"Yeah, dude. What about her?"
"Well she pulled an Thot-a-Roo on me"
"feels sad man"
by thotaroo January 22, 2020
A honeypot is a network-attached system set up as a decoy to lure cyberattackers and to detect, deflect or study hacking attempts in order to gain unauthorized access to information systems. The same goes vice versa, in which a hacker tries to distract a, e.G. , Company with a mock-up hack, to proceed to the main hack, of which the, e.G. , company doesn’t know about.
Company: fuck, i think weve been dealing with a honeypot
by thotaroo June 18, 2020
"Super Straight" is a term, thought to have originated on 4chan, describing normal heterosexuality, with the difference being the non-attraction to transgender individuals.

It is widely regarded as an invalid sexuality, since the mere preference for cisgender individuals doesn't define an entirely new sexuality, and creating a new term that implies superiority, simply by cancelling out- and denying transgender individuals is inherently transphobic.
Trans woman: Hey, wanna go out sometime?
Super Straight Person: Ew no, you're transgender, I won't date you
Trans woman: Why, though?
Super Straight Person: I am Super Straight!
by thotaroo March 7, 2021
A made up person, used in reference to something else, to test if a person is acting like he knows pop culture. The term was first used in Season 2, Episode 1 of Rick and Morty's “a Rickle in time“
Beth: Honey, are you wearing your shirt backwards?

Jerry: What? Uh.. No, I just like my shirt on backwards. I'm not an idiot.

Rick: Wow, that guy is the Redgren Grumbholdt of “Knowing-whats-going-on”

Morty & Summer: *laugh*

Rick: Huh? You like that? You like that Redgren Grumbholdt reference? Yeah, because I made him up. Think for yourselves, don’t be sheep.
by thotaroo June 18, 2020
Meat up
It’s a wordplay on the phrase “Meet up
Jackie: Hey, wanna 🥩⬆️?
Alexi: Sure
by thotaroo June 18, 2020
The act of mocking someone’s misery, by humming the sax-part of the song “Baker Street
Jake: man, im so sad

Blake: aw, man, im so sorry. *hums Baker Street*

Jake: Man, Blake, stop Baker Streeting me!
by thotaroo June 17, 2020