When a person uses things that you either enjoy or arouse you to do what they want.
He loved girls with glasses and thought that bitch was as blind as a bat. She was honeypotting him.
by Dr. Fincher March 31, 2015
To good-naturedly insert one's finger into a partner's anus during doggystyle sex and subsequently lick it. Usually performed several times during the same sitting.
"I was biffing Saskia doggystyle and watching her tight little anus wink at me when the notion hit me to ease in a finger and enjoy some good old-fashioned honeypotting."
by smutcat April 21, 2010
When a female goes about her daily routine, but with a vagina full of semen (her partners or a strangers will do) and periodically pops a finger in and licks it off in the style of dipping your finger in a jar of honey and licking off the sticky deposit left on your finger. This ancient technique does require some ongoing effort to keep the sacred goods inside.

Originated from the early north american phrase 'Hunny Pottin' meaning hiding a stash of ganja or other narcotics in ones vagina.
"My boyfriend Darren was away from home for a few days, but luckily he'd blown a big load up my twat for me to honeypot throughout the day"


"She loves spunk mate so much so that Honeypotting is a regular thing"
by TheMurph November 5, 2009
A 100% depraved sex act. Even furries disown this kind of tomfoolery. Basically, what you do is shoot a bear with a weak tranquilizer gun, and then have secks with it while its still conscious. This is one of the many things that make everyone just go "What in tarnation?!?!".
"I say, I say. Apparently Lance Corporal Dixon is in prison for the old honeypotting incident."
by Total100%Deplorable November 27, 2017
A certain manoeuvre in anal sex where the male specimen fingers around the poo hole while the pounding is occurring. Usually gives it a nice little spit and carries on. It's a rather messy sight and not one for the faint hearted.

Experienced bum fuckers tend to use actuall honey as lubrication but this tends to get rather sticky.
"did you hear, Grace was honeypotting with that guy over there the other day, apparently it got really messy. Lucky girl.
by UhHuhWHAT January 10, 2018
A honeypot is a network-attached system set up as a decoy to lure cyberattackers and to detect, deflect or study hacking attempts in order to gain unauthorized access to information systems. The same goes vice versa, in which a hacker tries to distract a, e.G. , Company with a mock-up hack, to proceed to the main hack, of which the, e.G. , company doesn’t know about.
Company: fuck, i think weve been dealing with a honeypot
by thotaroo June 18, 2020
Her pussy is so sweet, it can only be called a honeypot.
by Pompatus of Love September 4, 2016