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A girl that you would fall in love after you've know how amazing she is. She is a hard worker that always does her best in everything, she cares alot about what other people think about her, although she doesn't show it on her face. Winnie is a girl that doesn't show her feelings on her face, she hides every sadness and things that people talk about her behind her back. She always carry her smile on her face so that she doesn't makes anyone sad. She is also a caring person that can make other people from sad to happy by words and smile, but she doesn't know how to do it to herself.
"She is such a hardworker!" One of her friend said
"Yeah, yeah she would even risk her life for it" 'friend' said
"Is that what they think about me..." said Winnie (her heart stings)
Walk in with a smile "Morning!".....
by SkyHigh167 December 12, 2018
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A Winnie is the most amazing female in the world she is the best in every subject (smart in very way). Also she has a slender body which is very atrctive to the wanted victim and she is envied by all women.

She has rosey ceeks and beautiful eyes and no one an stop looking at her once they start!

That Winnie is sooooo sexy
If you had a dissapointment as a daughter then you would say: "Oh, I wish I had a Winnie!".
by Pop23 July 27, 2009
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A female that masturbates compulsively. Similar to Winnie the Pooh in that she can't keep her fingers out of her honeypot.
"Mandy's been locked in her room moaning for like 3 days straight. What a winnie."

"Did you hear about that poor girl that fingered herself to death?" "God damn, what a winnie!" "No shit."
by Adrammelech December 11, 2006
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A Winnie is so pretty your jaw drops. She is strong, but is not so great at picking boyfriends. She has lots of friends but also has her millions of small friend groups. She is an AMAZING singer and actress. She also hit puberty and had and amazing "glo up" She is super great to her family and friends. She also gives the best hugs EVER!
by Yeah,whynot? January 02, 2019
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Wow, my friend stood up for himself and stated his rights to his partner but his partner thought that it was the work of someone else. What a Winnie.
by Abfpatternking January 06, 2019
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someone scared of confrontation or a fight, pussy, coward
Jim wanted to fight Tom with boxing gloves, But Tom is such a winnie he won't do it.
by HooliganMan May 27, 2011
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