A girl that you would fall in love after you've know how amazing she is. She is a hard worker that always does her best in everything, she cares alot about what other people think about her, although she doesn't show it on her face. Winnie is a girl that doesn't show her feelings on her face, she hides every sadness and things that people talk about her behind her back. She always carry her smile on her face so that she doesn't makes anyone sad. She is also a caring person that can make other people from sad to happy by words and smile, but she doesn't know how to do it to herself.
"She is such a hardworker!" One of her friend said
"Yeah, yeah she would even risk her life for it" 'friend' said
"Is that what they think about me..." said Winnie (her heart stings)
Walk in with a smile "Morning!".....
by SkyHigh167 December 12, 2018
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A Winnie is so pretty your jaw drops. She is strong, but is not so great at picking boyfriends. She has lots of friends but also has her millions of small friend groups. She is an AMAZING singer and actress. She also hit puberty and had and amazing "glo up" She is super great to her family and friends. She also gives the best hugs EVER!
Aww I love Winnie SO much!
by Yeah,whynot? January 3, 2019
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A girl named Winnie will always have your back, she's always kind to you and maybe has anger issues. Besides that she's a great person and everyone she talks to instantly falls in love with her! She's got a great sense of humor, and although she may of had some downs in life, she doesn't let that keep her from making others happy. She may not be the best in school or be all that popular, but she is the life of the party!
by Georgewashingtonsboobs101 April 4, 2020
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Someone who runs on a hard-working, conscientious, loving, and compassionate spirit

Winnie from Hotel Transylvania, if you can recall, was that baby wolf who was very mature, intelligent, and already thinking about going to business school to learn how to run a company. Brighter than all 300 of her brothers who could not talk or articulate themselves, and had a bad temperament, she was the one who articulated herself extremely well, helped her family, and zinged with Dennis, our Human-times-Vampire friend.
Friend: I will put my life on the line to save my people!

Me: Such a Winnie; the one from H.T.

Friend: Me and my team are going to have our first meeting and will have one every month to talk about how we can organize our working days and every lunch period we will eat first then talk about ideas.

Me: You're such a Winnie.
by MickeyMaker June 26, 2020
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girls named "winnie" are the best types of girls there are! They usually are very artistic and talented. Allthough they lack confidence, they are super beautiful (especially with short hair). never ghost a winnie though, because they hate that and will want to slap u.
Guy 1: woah look at that girl, whats her namw?
Guy 2: i think her name is "winnie" averyone has a crush on her, even the girls!
Guy 1: i can see why!
by no.thx October 11, 2020
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A beautiful soft special boy. He loves to cuddle and go on long walks and hikes. He gets jealous easily and needs constant attention. He jumps and yells when he gets excited. Very loyal. Good boy
Awe look it’s my baby Winnie
Awe he’s so soft
Great cuddles
by Phantrashhh January 6, 2018
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An beautiful person who is really under appreciated, if you know someone name like that, take care of her cause she’s precious. Her aim is to have an audience to show her talents and spread important information.
Have you seen this girl named WINNIE? Yes she’s really interesting
by Writing info on names January 13, 2021
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