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A song from the ever so annoying Miley Cyrus. Contrary to popular belief she did not write the song. Jesse Alexander and her partner, John Mabe did. Honestly people, do you think she could write something like that?
Typical teenage girl: "OMG I like totally love Miley Cyrus's song, "The Climb". She is like the best eva cus she wrote it and all like yeah cause Miley Cyrus rocks"

Me (Intelligent Teen): "You see, typical teenage girl, Miley Cyrus did not write that song. It is impossible because Miley Cyrus is a Disney Cookie Cut Out and lacks talent and imagination. Here my child, let me enlighten you."

*Puts on '80s Freestyle Mixed Tape*

Me: "Now you will discover the power of Egyptian Lover, Debbie Deb, Run DMC, LL Cool J, Trinere, The Cover Girls, Lisa Lisa and The Cult Jam, Sheila E, The Fatboys and Noel.

Teenage Girl: "Wow, this sounds like real music! This makes Miley Cyrus and most of new music look like a freaking joke!"

Me: "Yes, you have seen the truth, now for the New Wave tape!"
by LivRhodes95 June 18, 2009
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when you find a random image/blog/person on the internet and trace it to its original source and begin to monitor it daily/weekly.
I saw this strange drawing of a furry and transformer clicked to the guys web page, next thing you know i was starting the climb
by Mark Stevenson August 25, 2010
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