The most powerful diamond in Steven Universe. Also the one that Pink Diamond likes to fuck doggystyle.
This is Black Diamond
by hugewetvaajayna October 20, 2023
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A nickname for the popular Disney Home Video logo in which a spark writes "Walt Disney" with the word CLASSICS in a fancy font over a black abstract rhombus-shaped diamond. This series is out of print and are becoming valuable to Disney collectors.
I have an old black diamond print of "Fantasia."
by anonymous November 19, 2004
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Native African reference used to describe something , or someone that is beyond beautiful.
Look at Careshaa over there stunting she knows she’s a black diamond .

These antiques are some black diamonds.
by Moneychaser3565 May 13, 2019
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A drug made with a mix of five hour energy, weed, and meth. All to be mixed together and inhaled using cigarette paper or A bong
Dude #1: let’s smoke that black diamond!!!
Dude #2: For sure, bro.
by HagGahher June 18, 2018
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big unshaved pussy!!!
caution: u will get lost!!!
by thaviet March 19, 2005
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When you manage to shit without pissing in a defiant act of sheer will power.
Person 1: "Damn it I was selected for a drug test and I have to shit."
Person 2: "That's okay just pinch off the Black Diamond first."
by Fartmasutra March 8, 2020
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