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A small inferior town in Wiltshire, England.

Known for its 'townies' and inbreeding, so Father's Day is always one of the most confusing things ever to happen in their town. Full of roundabouts, railways and burnt out cars. Really is a nasty place to live.

Swindon Town FC had one season in the Premiership and conceded the most goals ever in one season in that top flight. Silly inbreds.
Whats the definition of mass confusion?
Faths Day in Swindon
by Oxford lad April 25, 2004
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Don't go to McDonald's. You'll get rudeboyed. Oh, and the food is shit.
by Oxford lad April 25, 2004
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Noun: (See also eggchasing)
A bizzare sport played with a ball shaped like an egg that bounces oddly.

Created after some guy was so rubbish at football he picked it up and ran with it at private Rugby School, England, also known as Toff's Palace. Also known as 'the Darkest day in Sport' ever.

The idea of Rugby is to run the egg over the tryline of the opposing team. Alternative points can be scored by kicking the egg between two goalposts (H-shaped) at the ends of the rectangular pitch.

NB: Rugby is a terrible sport. The reasons why follow:

- Is the only sport I know that actually ENCOURAGES you to fall on another man's rear
- The ball is the wrong shape
- Played by snobs who call it 'rugger'
- People pretend its an international sport when really only '6 nations' (4 of which are currently or where part of Great Britain) can be arsed to turn up in the whole of Europe (even San Marino cobble together a team for football, 16 countries make up the European Championships in football) and the only other countries who care about rugby are in the Commonwealth - Great Britain owns them!
- Has two forms to disgrace our TV screens with - Union and League
- You can kick the egg out of play for your benefit (?)
- Anyone under 6'0" can't really get involved

Overall, rugby is crap. England are current world champions beating mighty forces in world sport such as Georgia and Romania to the final. A game for closet homosexuals who like to feel men up when in a scrum.

Play proper sports that are truly international like golf, tennis and football. Ditch the ugly blot of 'sport' that is rugby.
For God's sake ... Grandstand have Rugby on all day again. Turn on Soccer Saturday - a proper sport everyone cares about!
by Oxford lad June 3, 2005
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Irritating R+B artist recently giving us the awful song 'Bad Ass Strippa' which discusses her issues of clothes, stripping and about how people are giving her 'lyrical diss'. I for one, am one of them.

Born to a Romany mother outside of Woking in a caravan (meaning she is a bonafide gypo), she has been labelled 'Queen of the Chavettes' by Scott Mills from Radio 1 and so she should be. The record should be banned, she should be shipped off to Antartica and then we'll see how she copes in her 'Gucci thong' then.

Talentless, couldn't sing for toffee and filling the chart with unbelievably awful music that makes you want to vomit. Truly dispicable.
JENTINA: 'Bad Ass Strippa in an Escalade, get out the truck I'm in St Tropez'

PERSON WITH SENSE: 'Shut the hell up, you're a gypo from Woking'

'You're such a Jentina'
by Oxford lad June 23, 2004
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The ability to bounce back.

Word invented by ex-player and now manager of Crystal Palace FC Iain Dowie.

Currently being promoted by Soccer AM, cult Sky football show shown on Saturday mornings, in an attempt to see it into the Oxford Concise Dictionary.
'Crystal Palace have shown great bouncebackability against thier opponants to really be back in this game'
by Oxford lad September 11, 2004
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The scandal that rocked the League 2 footballing world.

During the 2004/2005 football season, Oxford United FC sacked burly striker Julian Alsop 'with immediate effect' for a 'lewd prank' played on a youth player at the club.

It later emmerged that Alsop had attempted to shove a banana up the rear end of the youth team player with others aiding him. A full scale operation was held at the club with a number of youth team players being suspended for their involvement.

Still little is known about the full extent of the attack with the banana or of its whereabouts, thus resulting in the 'bananagate' scandal.

Alsop later found work with Forest Green Rovers, but was duly banned for the rest of the season by the FA whilst they investidated.
You see the paper? That whole 'bananagat' thing is manic, I tell ya!
by Oxford lad June 3, 2005
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