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Sport originally derived from sport climbing, consisting in short sequences of "moves" (movements of the arms allowing the body to be moved up a climbing wall, a rock boulder or even a house wall) that requires huge levels of strenght on the forearms & fingers, and different special tecniques. This sequence is normally called a "problem". The climber is not roped, and the only protection allowed is a thick foam mattress called "crashpad". Bouldering problems rarely go higher than 3 or 4 meters above the ground.

"Solving" a problems often forces to make unlikely movements, like "pinching" a hold with your heels, or literally jumping from hold to hold (doing a "dyno"). Style is important, but what really counts is to reach the last hold (the "top")

Bouldering was developed in the 60's in France and in California (by John Gill, the "human fly") as a pastime for bored rock climbers in off-season. In the 90's, however, the growth of indoor climbing walls (often homemade) and rock climbing gyms has made bouldering popular with the urban / hip-hop crowd, transforming it - in France and UK - in a "signature" sport like skateboarding. Part of the popularity of bouldering is due to the fact that it's being quite cheap - the only thing you need is a pair of climbing shoes (and the crashpad if you're bouldering outdoor).

There's a lively competition circuit around the world, and there are now bouldering sites (often simple concrete walls) almost in every city of the world. In fact, bouldering is now more a urban sport than an outdoor activity.
I'm going to a bouldering event tonight
by Korman643 July 31, 2005
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The act of one man bashing his testicles against the testicles of another man, sometimes for comedic purposes, but most often for sexual gratification.
Dude... I was totally bouldering with Jared last night and it was WAY hot, but now my ballbag is all bruised.
by zombieman May 17, 2018
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A type of Rock Climbing that started when a group of drunk guys camping bet each other they couldn't get on top of a boulder.
Jerry: Damn it John! You kicked the hackey sack on top of that boulder!... I bet you can't get it.

John: I bet you I can!

...and Bouldering was born.
by Dirt Bag Dude February 08, 2013
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A sexual act involving the passing of fecal matter between two or more peoples mouths.
Dude, I totally went bouldering with this chick last night.
by eatatomato February 09, 2010
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The act of free climbing large boulders without ropes and harnesses.
We are headed out to Yosemite to do some bouldering tomorrow.
by Todd Laughery July 17, 2005
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Only the absolute most gangsta sport in the entire world. Duh.
Basicly, climbing to the top of big rocks. Really big rocks are called highballs. And you don't climb a boulder; you "send" it.
The great thing about it is that all you need is a chalkbag(Prefarably filled), climbing shoes and a crash pad. If you're thrifty all under $200 bucks--and they last forever.
Dude, this weekend I'm going bouldering on that highball that you couldn't send.
by MoreGangstaThanYou March 27, 2007
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a type of climbing, a sport down right on its own. routes become PROBLEMS use of crashpads is encouraged. dont fuck up and fall cause we aint spotting you.
have you seen the new Bishop bouldering guide? tons of new problems EVERYWHERE. go out and GET SOME!
by el Wes March 23, 2007
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