21 definitions by Chris Norton

when a woman engages in various sexual positions where she is atop the man
Chris: She would climb it. She'd be climbing it all night long.
by Chris Norton April 4, 2007
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an insult towards fat people. the humor of the term gets its punch because it rhymes with actor Matt Damon.
Doug: Carrie! You ARE abusive towards me! You make fun of my weight all the time!

Carrie: I do not!

Doug: Oh yeah? What about the time you called me Fat Damon? That was five minutes ago!!
by Chris Norton February 24, 2009
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an insult towards fat people. it rhymes with host of Wheel of Fortune, Pat Sajak.
Carrie: Okay, maybe sometimes I insult you about your weight but I don't do it all the time!

Doug: Oh yeah! What about in the morning when you called me Fat Sajak?
by Chris Norton February 24, 2009
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you nut on a girl and you use her hair to wipe your cock.
Jane is such a newb; after giving me the most phenomenal blowjob ever she didn't even have the common gall to offer me a courtesy wipe.
by Chris Norton January 21, 2007
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an explanation to why nice guy's finish last. a man with prince charming complex wants to woo the woman he's trying to court by showering her with excess love, attention, and gifts because he believes she will love this type of affection. sometimes it's effective but it mostly ends in heartbreak.
Len: So what did Jeanette say?

Anthony: When I told her I wanted to go out with her, I said I'd like to take her to the beach and later cook her dinner and drink some wine.

Len: That was too much bro, that type of thing scares chicks. You gotta get over your Prince Charming Complex.
by Chris Norton May 27, 2009
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a way of saying dookie because of the similarity in pronunciation and major league baseball player Paul Lo Duca.
- I'll be back; I need to take a Paul Lo Duca.

-I wonder where Len's at; he's probably taking another Lo Duca.
by Chris Norton January 8, 2007
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a list you keep of the two baggers, psycho women, feminists, butterfaces, reverse butterfaces and other such women you shouldn't date. this no spank bank directory can be shared with other guys in your posse to forewarn them that these women are not date-worthy.
i do my fellow men a service by keeping a no spank bank directory to protect men from these hose monsters who can get basic instinct on you.
by Chris Norton January 30, 2009
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