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an older woman who pursues men in their late teens and early twenties for sex.
My job is full of Mrs. Robinsons. Most of the women are at least twenty years older than me and they're the only ones hitting on me.
by Chris Norton August 06, 2008

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a man dressed in drag
Al: Now that we've weeded out another traitor from the ranks, let's see if there are anymore Mrs. Doubtfires in here!
(pulls on the hair of a powerfully built woman and is surprised to discover it really is a woman)
Al: Hey! You're a woman!
by Chris Norton August 06, 2008

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an insult towards fat people. it rhymes with host of Wheel of Fortune, Pat Sajak.
Carrie: Okay, maybe sometimes I insult you about your weight but I don't do it all the time!

Doug: Oh yeah! What about in the morning when you called me Fat Sajak?
by Chris Norton February 24, 2009

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in dating, this is a lineup of associates who specialize in your tastes. as in baseball the manager needs a starting pitcher, middle reliever and a closer. in dating, some people various have fetishes and tastes. a bullpen satisfies an individual's various sexual needs. a bullpen is also a good way to keep a man from becoming pussywhipped.
tom leykis tells all his sons avoid girlfriends and instead to keep a bullpen. he's a smart guy who knows everything men need to know in order to get laid.

Tom: Sometimes I'm a chubby chaser, sometimes I like asians, and sometimes I like MILFs. My bullpen has these types along with the hotties.
by Chris Norton February 06, 2009

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expression indicating one's approval of a worthy event.

short, exterrestrial alien geniuses, who also have excellently huge martian butts.
1. Bill: You are most worthy of your reputation, plus you have an excellently huge martian butt!
Station: Station.

2. Please give a warm welcome for Station's most bodacious creations- the Good Robot Usses!
by Chris Norton January 09, 2007

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long term memory bank of a person's favorite sexually stimulating memories with some fair internal organization for the individual to regularly consult for sexual self-stimulation when needed.
Since I was old enough, my spank bank directory contains almost all my memories of panty & thong sightings even dating back to the earliest days I've learned to wank and I still continue to use them to this day.
by Chris Norton January 16, 2007

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an explanation to why nice guy's finish last. a man with prince charming complex wants to woo the woman he's trying to court by showering her with excess love, attention, and gifts because he believes she will love this type of affection. sometimes it's effective but it mostly ends in heartbreak.
Len: So what did Jeanette say?

Anthony: When I told her I wanted to go out with her, I said I'd like to take her to the beach and later cook her dinner and drink some wine.

Len: That was too much bro, that type of thing scares chicks. You gotta get over your Prince Charming Complex.
by Chris Norton May 27, 2009

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