Insertion of the pointer finger in the anus, inducing climax. Can only be practiced on males.
A little known fact, due to his debilitation from polio, FDR could only achieve climax through use of the Captain. (too soon?)
by Dan Lohman August 11, 2002
- An upstanding term to describe a large bottle of Captain Morgan's Spiced Rum.

- A man's penis
I called up The Captain and said "Please bring me my death in a gallon jug". The captain abliged.
by Denis Baldwin February 3, 2004
A ponderous rogue that infuses the masses with the will to drink. Many compare him Captain Hook, but the latter could never live up to these alcoholic expectations.
"Matt, did you get your captain on?"
"Ughh... "(a groan because he woke up in his own vomit)
by Uthar November 27, 2002
A small fly with a big hat who features in recent Weebl & Bob cartoons. He is the captain of a farm that floats about on the sea, and demands that we give him silence.

Favoured foods include cheese, sardines and turd snot pie. The Captain has no need for biscuits.
"Since when did farms need captains?" - Weebl
by Kevchenko March 29, 2005
The Man who is a regular man by day but by night he is the master of buttsex. He loves romping on the booty Sticking his stick right up in the back door. He wants everyone to be his first mate. He just wants the rectum.
I'd Captain her. This means id love to stick my manhood in her ass.
The Captain came over last nite. A Man butt fucked me last night
by bojangleees131 March 17, 2005
The name we called a kick who had a curved penis, see Captain Hook
"Did you hear about that kid?"
"Yeah his thing is shaped like a banana"
by MichalekAdam11 January 25, 2005