A penis with some substantial curvature. Left, right, up, down, anything goes!
Damn son, Alex has such a curved penis; it almost took my eye out!
by Captainmorgan37 December 3, 2017
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What in the fuck? You see what I mean about people being obsessed with fat meaty cocks? You see it right? You tought it was me but, really, it's you, innit? That's why I'm so popular. That's why I'm so prominent. I pander to your genetic superiority beliefs and now I'm technically and literally one of the greatest writers of all time. All because you're all stupid filth pigs who love massive shlongers. See how fucking stupid reality is?
Hym "Look at that! Look at the MLK giant curved penis statue! You love it! Big fat cocks! That's what you're all about. You fucking disgust me."
by Hym Iam January 17, 2023
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Using your hook shaped cock to go fishing or fuck a dogs anus. Most likely the dog.
Let’s brennans curved penis today! Seems fun
by MassiveHorseJay March 9, 2022
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