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Inappropriate humor during matters of seriousness to lessen the dread of reality
The Terminator said, "Your levity is good, it relieves tension and the fear of death. "
by mrwordman December 05, 2010
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Levity is the most comforting person out there. She will make sure you’re always safe and happy, her smile always brightens a room along with her very presence. She may be shy at first, but as soon as you become friends with her she’ll be by your side till the end. She loves to help people, whenever or wherever you need her she’ll be there with open arms. The name levity alone will lift your spirits and bring joy in your everyday life, she may not be perfect by definition but she’s perfect to you and that’s all that matters.
Person1: I wish I had someone to talk too....
Person2: call levity! She always lifts my spirits!
by Lovely334 December 22, 2018
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