When someone takes a very large volume diherea dump so that the entire toilet is a rich brown hue, and they then proceed to beat off ito the mixture, effectivly spicing there intestinal rum. The mixture is sometimes left for others to gawk at (when performed in public restrooms.

Typical after a hard night of drinking rum (alchohol runs and not getting off because you were a drunkin idiot)
"OMG did you see bill's spiced rum in the toilet upstairs,"
"yeah thats fuckin nasty"
by UPPertonia January 31, 2008
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It's called the Doc Rock - made popular by The West Linn Saloon's beloved DJ, Doc Rock, in West Linn, Oregon.
Bartender, hand me a cold pint of Doc Rock (I.e. Spiced rum and Guinness).
by PDXBarFly August 23, 2015
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