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The act of giving someone a "pirate eye" and a "rusty hook" simultaneously. This leaves the victim hopping around on one leg, with one eye sealed shut by semen and with the taste of feces in their mouth. This is normally an unpleasant experience.
I gave Keith a Captain Hook last night, and he hopped around yelling, "Arghh! Me mouth tastes like a butt hole!"
by Rusty Shacklefurt August 14, 2007
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The evil one handed pirate in Peter Pan. He lost his hand to a crocodile while he was holding a clock. The crocodile still stalks him to this very day.
Capatian Hook sir! It's that crocodile again!
Get him away from me!
by chozoelder July 07, 2004
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someone whos dick is formed in a hook shape.
GRL 1:holy shit did you see jake cohens pee pee?
BOY 1: yeah man he has a captain hook!
by jakeisgay May 05, 2004
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A penis bent either to the left or right. Normally is not a slight bend but a curve. Almost always an undesirable trait.
by Stanli March 21, 2006
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A drink consisting of:

2 shots Captain Morgain Spiced Rum
Natural Light (or other light beer)

Pour shots into glass first, then fill halfway with Natty, then fill the rest with lemonade.
Dude, those Captain Hooks last night were crazy delicious!
by LU stoners January 22, 2012
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The act of lifting a female off of the ground by her vagina using only two fingers. Most often performed, but not limited to, the dance floor.
Mike- Did you see Tristan last night at Dayglow?

Turner- Yeah, he totally Captain Hooked that girl.
Andrew- Classic
by CaptainHookHimself October 09, 2011
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When you walk up behind a man with legs akimbo, yell "Captain Hook!" at the top of your lungs, and kick them square in the nuts from behind.
Man, that asshole pissed me off so bad, I gave him a Captain Hook for good measure.
by Chilidog February 01, 2007
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