Responsible for making sure that the talent knows when they are to perform, where they are to perform, and what time they are to be there. a.k.a. "Talent handler."
The producer said I had more patience than Job, so could possibly work as a handler.
by angelsix March 14, 2007
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Handler has different meanings in many contexts- in competitive sports it means a trainer, in programming it specifies a routine that deals with a specific situation or type of data, in the CIA, FBI, etc. it means an agent's manager, and in the airport- a baggage handler... puts your bags on a little conveyor belt.

Generically, it means a person or thing which deals with a specific subdomain of interest.
Authoring an Urban Dictionary post makes me a kind of modern definition handler, a weapon of mass education- ya dig?
by Curiously Pernicious July 14, 2020
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A guardian responsible for escorting a retarded child or adult in public. Highly alert and well trained, these individuals can sense when their "client" is ready to change from sweet and calm to loud and destructive. Sometimes seen armed with a chair and a whip as tools for establishing control, particularly with emotional downies.
Warren broke free of his handler and began screaming and throwing trays around the restaurant.
by Mike P Kelly February 25, 2007
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someone who gets girls but is not easy on the eyes, also is very hairy in upper reigons.
Yo i dont know how that kid is banging that bitch hes such a handler.
by mr.dink123 March 22, 2007
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A insecure man usually nice looking and some what accomplished in his field of work.who controls and manipulate s women.
Jay is a real big handler he has Bree on lock down.
by SEXXINESS37 September 19, 2014
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Her Handler told her where to show up next.
by Aisha got May 20, 2019
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the handler hucked the frisbee. Disappointed that the cutter couldn't get there in time, he yelled, "LAY OUT!!!"
by yeil June 2, 2008
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