A Fat Chick. A term taken from Gilligan's Island. A three hour tour says it all!
C.T.- "Bro, did you bang The Skipper last night?"

Kill- "Hell yeah fool! She was sniffin around my door so I had to hit it!"

C.T.- "Douchebag!"
by Kill1349Chief February 2, 2009
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The most ultimate pinguin ever to exist.
Racist: I'm going to say the N word!
Skipper: You can't say that thats racist! Mrs. Obama get down!
Racist: Niggaaaaaa-
*White house blows up*
by Holy Crusader March 1, 2019
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Skipper is one of mafia slang meanning captain or caporegime who headed crew in mafia family and control many soldier and associate for family get order from boss to soldier in his own crew. such as the godfather the Corleone family skipper is Clemenza and Tesio run criminal activities in bronx and Brooklyn
by caposaas September 6, 2014
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The person who steers a sailboat or is in charge of giving directions to the other people on the boat.
The skipper looked quite pleased as he directed his boat across the lake.
by zanny May 26, 2004
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1. One who skippers a boat
2. One who doesn't understand sarcasm or literal sayings
Teacher: Talk about how you don't understand sarcasm.

Skipper: Were you being sarcastic or literal?
by Oh Captain! October 17, 2013
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To skip and run at the same time, during times of great joy or when you need to exit a room as obnoxiously as possible and still seem happy.
I was extremly happy at a party when suddenly a crab monster burst through the wall, so I began skippering as fast as I could away from it.
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A colloquial term for the region of the human brain that is key in the solving of mathematical, and theoretical problems. Derived from the idea that it 'skips' all unnecessary information, exacting conclusions in an effortless, 'skipping-like' manner, it is often referred to as the 'calculator' section of the brain.

Deficiency in the Skipper is sometimes, but not always, accompanied by increased artistic and creative skill, as brain power and space is diverted to the creative section.

However overdeveloped Skippers also have the side effect of causing slight eccentricity and random spasmodic outbursts of affection, which often can be mistaken for a mental affliction.

Professionals should always be consulted when differentiating between an overdeveloped or hyperactive Skipper, and mental conditions.

People with the advanced mathematical capacity, and eccentricity are often referred to simply with the pseudonym 'Skipper'.
That guy is on some next maths hype.
Must be a Skipper.

Is he a bit weird?
Nah just an over-active Skipper-he's good at physics too.
by DerRealDeal November 24, 2011
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