1. A state of depression which becomes the norm after you've spent your whole life being a slave or a sharecropper or another shitty occupation.

2. The result of somebody with the aforementioned problem picking up an instrument and singing about it.

3. A specific chord progression that originated in the 19th Century in the American South from black slaves with the problem mentioned in (1) and the talent mentioned in (2).
Jim the sharecropper was angry at the white man for keeping him down all his life, so he picked up his guitar and became a traveling man, playing The Blues wherever he went.
by Jewpanese June 6, 2005
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The greatest music genre, the power and skill of it came from centuries of slaves being put in pens, and some of the only things they were allowed to do were sing, or play instruments if they had any.

As a result it built up and became an amazing style.

It turned into Rock N' Roll in the 20th century and is played by musicians such as Eric Clapton.

Some of teens condemn The Blues saying its boring, but if it wasn't for the blues we wouldn't have any of the music we listen to.
Nothing beats The Blues
by joe725 May 28, 2007
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A term pinned by american writer, Washington Irving. A synonym for depression.
Later used as the name of a genre of music.
by Peter Broz July 4, 2006
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In Houston, a mother killed all 5 of her kids, cause she got the blues.
by Mr. Terrence L. Trezvant September 27, 2004
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The Blues is a sexual position to which requires two people, one of which must be overweight. The overweight person must lie down compeletely naked whilst the other contender proceeds to pour Kraft brand macaroni and cheese into her vagina, she will then attempt to eat it and then regurgitate it back onto her vagina. The two will then continue with intercourse.
Name derived from Kraft's slogan: "I've got the Blues"
I found this fat hooker last night man, it was the perfect opportunity to try out The Blues! Too bad I didn't have the exotic position fee.
by James, and not the gay one. February 19, 2009
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Referring to when a police officer testifies against another police officer in a court of law.
Its a rare thing when you have a Blue on Blue in a court trial. You can't help but think: "somebody fucked up"!
by talk2me-JCH2 April 2, 2021
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Denoting or relating to an attack made by one's own side that accidentally harms one's own forces.
The only thing more accurate than incoming enemy fire, is incoming friendly fire.
by caxwl July 8, 2004
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