A phrase recently popularized by TikTok that refers to a person attacking/throwing shade at someone very similar to, or on the "same team" as them. This is derived from its original meaning: when an army fires upon its own forces.
Fat influencer on TikTok: *condescending tone* "Oh? I'm unhealthy because I'm Fat? -"
Visibly overweight girl dueting her: "Literally yes. Yes."
Comment Section: Friendly fire...
by Handsomesouthernboy February 24, 2022
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Euphemism for when an army fires upon its own forces, usually accidentally.
The army's lack of investigation into the friendly fire incident enraged the relatives of the dead.
by fastfission May 13, 2005
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The act of accidentally firing upon one's own contingent or allies.
When two friendly LPs encounter each other without realizing it.
by Alex October 29, 2004
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1. Usually occurs when two males are involved in a threesome with a consenting woman, and one of the men inadvertently sperms on his buddy while the act is taking place. Is most severe when the victim is hit near the head or the butt hole, in which case the threesome usually ends. Usually occurs during a switch or swap. Can happen in a threesome involving all women, provided they are potent squirters, in which case it will usually be rubbed in by the recipient and the threesome will ensue with even more intensity than before.
Just as I start to go to browntown, Ben freaks out that our balls were close too touching then ends up losing it all over my thigh. In all my years I never thought that I could be a victim of friendly fire, it's just one of those things that you hear happens to other people, like your uncles or something. (Excerpt from Fred Savage's autobiography "Sex With Granpa"
by GeneGine October 11, 2006
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A popular american sport where they like to bomb anything that moves including weddings, their allies, the press corps, aid workers, their own men......
"Is it one of ours?

Who cares shoot the fuckers anyway."
by black flag June 7, 2004
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When you fart and the smell hits only you.
OMG I bust ass in the car today. I had to roll the window down, total friendly fire.
by Ali_ababwa June 21, 2016
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to shoot at your allies or own team. also see george bush and united states air force
brittish forces: requesting air attack 47‹36Œ54.21N, 117‹39Œ20.89W
US forces: i see them iraquis! *fire*
brittish forces: *dead* (from friendly fire!)
by georgeilingus August 31, 2007
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