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the perfect scapegoat for everyones problems.
Person 1: I got a flat tire on the way to work today
Person 2: Blame the white man
Person 1: I know, he's always trying to keep me down like that.
by quiggler August 13, 2006
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Some White guy born in the 1800's who took away all the Indians' land.
The Indiams awoke one morning to discover all their land was taken away by The White Man.
by Public School Teacher December 13, 2003
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What some rednecks call god or the “perfect” example of a human
Redneck 1: May we take some time to pray to the white man for allowing us to beat niggas
Redneck 2: AMEN!
by ToastMalonethePapi December 03, 2018
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