3 definitions by Jewpanese

1. A state of depression which becomes the norm after you've spent your whole life being a slave or a sharecropper or another shitty occupation.

2. The result of somebody with the aforementioned problem picking up an instrument and singing about it.

3. A specific chord progression that originated in the 19th Century in the American South from black slaves with the problem mentioned in (1) and the talent mentioned in (2).
Jim the sharecropper was angry at the white man for keeping him down all his life, so he picked up his guitar and became a traveling man, playing The Blues wherever he went.
by Jewpanese June 6, 2005
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Sappy romance in a novel, film, or song.
That movie would have been good had it not been for all that Schmultz.
by Jewpanese May 19, 2005
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