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An extremely talented band,

Keith Emerson is a God on the keyboard, piano,and synthesizer. He even plays two at the same time at live performances and in songs like Trilogy.

Greg Lake uses bass and is amazing in creating good synchronizations and bass-lines. Also his voice is very clear and can change pitch very smoothly.

Carl Palmer can create complicated drum beats and keep them in rhythm.

The band is very talented yet not many people know about them today, probably because they didn't have guitar (they were amazing without it) so stupid preps weren't all over them and screaming about them.

They are Gods so I recommend listening to Knife-Edge cause if you're the average person you will like it.
prep: This is Emerson, Lake & Palmer? Their guitar sounds weird.

ELP fan: That's synthesizer not guitar.

prep: It doesn't sound like the background music of rap songs.

ELP fan: Yeah, the person playing the synthesizer has talent. And the singer can pronounce Cadillac right.
by joe725 April 25, 2007
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A music genre that was drug-induced, the first big experimental band was Pink Floyd. The experimental sound is a sound that is more otherworldly. Pink Floyd had songs like Comfortably Numb, One of These Days, The Great Gig in the Sky that had a sound like being lifted into a dream.

People confuse psychedelic with experimental, but psychedelic formed years after Pink Floyd broke up.

In the 21st century The Mars Volta came, with a skilled guitarist and a singer with a strange voice that fit their strange style. they had dedicated an album titled "De-loused In The Comatorium (an auditorium is a place for listening so a comatorium would be a place for being in a coma)" to their friend who went into a coma, came out of it then commited suicide. The album is from the point of view of a fictional character. He goes through battles in his mind while he is in his coma and he wakes up and then kills himself.

Example from song "Roulette Dares(The Haunt Of)":

Specter will lurk
Radar has gathered
Midnight nooses from boxcar cadavers

The Mars Volta's experimental sound is like Pink Floyd's except they are hundreds of times more experimental than Pink Floyd and their kind of sound is different. Instead of being lifted into a dream you are being thrown into another world and pulled extremely fast by and invisible force. But in other songs like Televators, its like standing in the middle of someone elses dream and everything in that dream you have never seen before, except it seems real, and everything echos quietly. Other songs are just extremely weird, the cutting edge of weird. Their sound can be so weird to people that not many people like them. But if you are a Pink Floyd fan and hunger a lot for the experimental sound that Pink Floyd has, and it just isn't enough to satisfy your experimental tastes, then you will love The Mars Volta.

Someone said The Mars Volta "throws lyrics together to sound creative". If he looks at the words he could see that they rhyme, and it is not as easy to "throw lyrics together to sound creative" as it is to write regular ones, I've written lyrics before. All the stuff The Mars Volta writes is in metaphor, its not thrown together.
experimental music kicks ass! its awesome to hear something I never would've thought of ever
by joe725 March 23, 2007
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Something you say to someone when they're telling a really bad story.
person: So I was walking home from school today, and I dropped my Math book...
person 2: And then you found 20 dollars?
by joe725 October 23, 2007
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A state where people say it can be kind of hard to understand us because of the accent. We don't usually pronounce d's in words unless its at the beginning or if we try to. We usually pronounce Maryland "murlin" or "marlin", thats our only difference in speaking so we don't have an accent really.

Maryland has Howard County which is pretty rich and we have Baltimore. And Baltimore isn't ALL ghetto, only the projects is. We have D.C. and I don't know if its ghetto because I don't live there. D.C. is like New York only boring as hell, yeah the fucking white house is there, who cares?! Not me! It's just a fucking building!

Anyway Maryland also has P.G. County which is rough, and very conveniently a catholic high school is voted there. My brother who went there saw a kid get stuck up for his northface and he ran away.

Also we have the greatest 2 towns for living here. Ellicott City (where I live) is the second. AND IT SUCKS ASS! I DON'T EVEN GET HOW ITS UP THERE! Ellicott City is a boring place next to a town with a mall, it also has a high asian population so people don't always get a lot of candy on halloween. The only things to do in Ellicott city is get driven to the mall to hang out with people or go to peoples houses.

Columbia (where I used to live) is the first, it is a pretty kickass place and its next to Ellicott, the population is very diverse and there's a mall and woods near every house so there is always something to do there.
by joe725 April 10, 2007
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Also known as hypochondriasis of medical students. What happens to some medical students who learn about diseases. The one and only symptom of it is that they think they have diseases they are learning about.

It is also used for a student learning medicine or psychology who over analyzes everything and everyone and thinks everyone has a disease or mental condition.

Normally they find that they or someone else has one symptom of a disease and think that they or another person has the disease. Usually they ignore all other symptoms.
1)Medical Student: I have a fever above 100.4! I have SARS!
Student: No, you just have Medical Student Syndrome

2) My friend has Medical Student Syndrome. He's taking a psychology class and he diagnosed me with Autism, ADD, and Asperger's syndrome.
by joe725 June 14, 2008
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When either person in a relationship uses the fact that other loves them or said that they loved them in order to make them do stuff for them or control the relationship entirely.
Girl: I wanna go shopping.
Boy: But me and my friends were going to hang out, one of them is leaving for the summer.
Girl: You said you loved me, if you loved me you would take me shopping.
Boy: Don't abuse the love card or I'm breaking up with you.
by joe725 June 21, 2008
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Usually very ignorant. Gets into Metal through bands like Slipknot. They start feeling cool and unique and need to express how Metal is the supreme genre.

How to spot one

1) Says a guitarist isn't good if they can't play fast.
2) Says a guitarist isn't good if they can't play technical.
3) Blasts Metal on their iPods thinking someone will ask them what they are listening to so they can show off how awesome they think their musical taste is to others.
4) Tries to introduce you to Metal by telling you all bands you like suck.
5) Thinks all bands that aren't Metal have no talent.
6) Doesn't know what good Metal vocals are.

Newbie Metalheads usually smarten up, they usually take up guitar and realize that speed isn't everything. Wanting to compose music they go through the tons of influences of their influences and from there they go to their influences which leads them into lots of music which isn't Metal. Then they become people who are open to tons of music, having liked music that is condemned by most people.
person: Do you like N.W.A.?
newbie Metalhead: RAP IS CRAP!
by joe725 November 22, 2007
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