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Sexual position where the man lies on his back and the woman positions herself perpendicular to the man before giving him a blowjob. The man then reaches up and fingers her as she goes to town on his cock. A birds eye view of the pair reveals the shape of the number 4. The 4 is superior to the 69 because nobody has to put their nose in any assholes.
-"Your Grandma is sexy, I wanna 69 her."

-"You should do The 4, it's way better."
by J_Cut February 06, 2011
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Baltimore city, Maryland. This stems from the city's primary area codes, 410 and 443.
I was running through the 4 with my whores.
by Flobama333 August 08, 2016
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the 4th hole of the female anatomy which is the vulva, the organ which the girl pisses.
ayo, which hole u stick it in the 3 or the 4?
the 4??

by choppaz n nines April 23, 2008
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