National foreskin day. A day to honor and respect the foreskin on a man's penis.
Joe: Hey dude, what are you doing for 4/4?
John: Not much man! Just probably gonna jack it and show some respect to my foreskin.
by thejohnnyboy April 18, 2020
the cops, pigs, popo, police,
yo dat 4-4 os on da block
by lil huey cc December 23, 2006
4-4's to 1984 Cadillac rims w/ '84 spokes. Most people incorrectly assume 4-4s refer to 4 24 in. rims. However, they're clearly not hood.
"4-4's to 24's I'm subject to glide mayne"
-Trae, Swang
by Trunk poppa & DJ Swang August 4, 2006
4-4 is referring to a 40 oz
Still tippin on 4-4's, rapped in 4-4s......Mike Jones
by chris March 20, 2005
Oldsmobile Cutlass from the 1970's Abrieviation for 4 barrell carb, 4 speed trans and dual exhaust. 4-4-2
That 4-4-2 kicked ass on that GTO !!
by Steve7777 April 16, 2008
The most common football formation (proper football that is, rather than the rather odd American version), consisting of four defenders, four midfielders and two attackers. The goalkeeper is not generally mentioned in formation numbers. Every football fan can name a famous 4-4-2 team.

Plymouth Argyle (4-4-2): Larrieu; Hodges, Aljofree, Doumbe, Connolly; Capaldi, Wotton (c), Nalis, Norris; Hayles, Chadwick

by HomeParkHomer September 3, 2006
A high-performance Oldsmobile based on the Cutlass or F-85. Built every year from 1964 to 1980, then in 1985-87. In 1990-91, the Quad 442 was built as a performance package available on the Cutlass Calais.

Originally, the designation meant 4-speed, 4-barrel carburetor and 2 exhausts. From 1965 to 1967, it meant a 400 cubic-inch engine, four-speed transmission and two exhausts. In 1968, the 4-4-2 model became its own separate model, and due to the addition of an automatic transmission option, the designation no longer had its original meaning.

From 1974-1980, it became an appearance package on the Cutlass. From 1985-87, it meant a 4-speed automatic transmission, a 4-barrel carburetor and 2 exhausts.

For its last appearance, it meant a Quad-4 engine, 4 valves per cylinder and 2 camshafts.
That Olds 4-4-2 will blow away that Mustang!
by OldsVistaCruiser January 24, 2011