According to American Dad, that's when you poop while holding hands.
My friend and I are off to do a number 4.
by mactastic2009 March 17, 2009
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Slang for heroin. AKA number four heroin. Its etymology refers to the last of a 4-step purification process in which heroin is purified into a white fluffy powder.
Aunt Hazel warned cousin Charley of the dangers of doing number 4.
by J town booga December 24, 2007
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when 2 people take a shit at the same time while holding hands!
dude i gota take a number 2 u commin? we can make it a number 4
by gary shackleford March 19, 2009
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Urinating, clearing your bowels and masturbating in the same trip to the washroom. Also referred to as a piss, shit and a wack!
I was supposed to meet K Lo at the party in an hour, but I needed to make time for a number 4 — so I called her and said I'd meet her in 90 minutes.
by Phineas Taylor Barracus December 20, 2004
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To ejaculate; to go number four means to ejaculate, whether from a penis or a vulva. To explain the structure; number one means to urinate, number two denotes defecation, number three refers to vomiting, and number four equates to ejaculation.
Mike: Holy shit! There's Nova!
Zack: Over there?
Mike: Oh fuck! I think I'm about to go number 4! I'll be right back!
Zack: Oh, ok then!
Nova: Hi Zack! Where's Mike, he was with you a minute ago, wasn't he?
Zack: Oh yeah, he just went number 4, that's all!
by JustAnotherSickFuckOnUrbanDic February 6, 2022
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When two friends defacate at the same time in a public restroom and hold hands under the stall.
James: Hey Steve is that you in the stall next to me?

Steve: Yeah man.

James: Are you taking a number 2?

Steve: You bet. Are you?

James: Yeah we should hold hands and take a number 4.

Steve: Omg Yeah!
by Wannnabe55 May 21, 2009
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Me:I think I'm gonna go number 4! It smells so horrible!
Andy: do it in trash can!
by Inugami98UwU June 30, 2020
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