Natalia is a kind and caring girl who tends to put the needs of her friends and family in front of her own. She is fairly smart and loves music, Natalia may also have a very artistic side. Most everyone wants want to be her friend, and boys want to be with her. She is a rare person with a very unique personality. Natalia seems quiet and shy at first but, when you get to know her you can see her weird, crazy side, she can also be a smart-ass and sarcastic. She takes no BS from anyone, and if you try to hurt her friends, family or even herself she will beat your ass.

Natalia is a very missable person and you won't want her to be gone, even for a short while. She is a great person all around and when she has her mind set it's set and nothing will change it.
School Boy 1: Oh my, is that Natalia who just walked in?

School Boy 2: Maybe?

School Girl: That's her, why?

School Boy 1 & 2: She is so cool.
by Annamaru June 15, 2019
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A amazing girl who has beautiful features. She is caring and is nice to everyone. If she gets mad at you, you probably messed up. She is a smart (like A honor roll) and is artistic. She is cool because she is nice and kind to everyone. If you meet a Natalia, and become friends with her, you will never "un"friend her. She loves soccer and sports. She is an amazing person. I hope you meet one. She is also really funny and cute. She sticks to the truth. She is spoiled but not a brat. She has big dreams and succeed them. She will be a rich, famous person. She is a lucky person. Natalia is also a very good girlfriend. She is an AMAZING e.
person: Natalia is SO nice and cool!

Person 2: I wish I was her
by Cute_and_soccer December 9, 2019
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A very beautiful girl who plays hard to get. You are literally the luckiest person in the world if you get he chance to date her. Her hair is dark, and she has the cutest smile with her braces. You cant get your eye off of her because she is too perfect. Her personality is great, but the most important thing about her is that she is loyal.
I put my arms around Natalia and gave her a good hug.
by Congruentcoder4 June 30, 2018
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A <woman> made of stone. She will conquer any task out at hand. She is and will persevere until the end. Her nightingale has always seen her, but she doesn’t see herself. She is a (rare) beauty. But the saddest part about a Natalia is that she will only see herself through other woman. Natalia is a stong woman, but little does she know that her nightingale just wanted to be noticed for once.

Natalia won it for the love.
by Ziks July 28, 2018
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a very beautiful girl with AMAZING hair. she has the best smile and is so nice to everyone but if she hates you its because you did something to piss her off and if she hates you REALLY hates you. you don't wanna piss her off. she's zoo sweet and caring. she will give you the best advice. always bubbly, really outgoing. natalia is really missable. everyone misses her. once you meet her you better keep her cause if you leave her you will miss her after 2 seconds. anyone who gets to date her should feel really lucky cause she has an amazing personality and will make you feel loved. i feel sorry for you if you don't. you meet a natalia who is pieces you better keep her and never loose her. you will regret it. don't loose her
kid 1: i love natalia so much
kid 2: me too lets go stalk he
by unicorn1235664 November 3, 2019
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Natalia is one the most important people that will ever be in your life. If you have a natalia keep them close. They may seem rude at times and yes they will be, but you just have to push through. They will almost always be a little thicc and won't care what anyone says except for their crush and ex. Beer be rude to your natalia because she is a sensitive women when it comes to being your friend. If you have her, don't lose her!!! She will have a sweet and soft voice and will always turn out to be a bendaja! Love her don't lose her!
Natalia will never mean to hurt you, if she does you and her should get over it!
by Your favorite mans! May 16, 2019
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