it is a magical word whitch is supposed to hide the true meaning of Fuck...
-Oh my God did you just say the "F"-word?
-What? "Jew"?
by SPYderZ November 28, 2004
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A term which also means 'Feldman', or 'Feldman Fucker,' or any other vulgar word or phrase which associates with 'Feldman.' (can also be used to describe someone with the 'davefeldman' personality ). This term is used in a derogatory manner expressing one's hatred for another.
Roommate 1: You're an asshole
Roommate 2: Yeah! well you're the F word!
*Roommate 1 is silent*

Roommate 1: What the hell is your problem?
Roommate 2: Sorry.. I was just being a Feldman
by Room 405 May 5, 2005
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It stands fir a bad word, don't say it or your mommy might get mad at you. If you say it (even in private) you may as well have shot and killed your great great great great great great grandfather who invented fire so now fire never existed which means civilization is dead so congrats u killed everyone.
by Random Sewer Rat August 20, 2020
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Another term that pussies, teachers, parents, or horny little kids use instead of "fuck". Since fuck is probably known as the "worst curse word" people like to substitute it. Here are some popular substitutions:

-Any word that starts with F that isn't surpassing 5 letters and isn't going below 4 letters. Also it should sound good when said in the sentence "*insert substitution here* you mooom!"
Teacher - Never say the f-word Billy!
Billy - Fuck you.
by Kryptick July 30, 2016
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the word fuck(a euphemism that one can use to refer to the word without actually saying it)
Did you just say the the f-word in front of me?
by Light Joker October 2, 2004
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