Another term that pussies, teachers, parents, or horny little kids use instead of "fuck". Since fuck is probably known as the "worst curse word" people like to substitute it. Here are some popular substitutions:

-Any word that starts with F that isn't surpassing 5 letters and isn't going below 4 letters. Also it should sound good when said in the sentence "*insert substitution here* you mooom!"
Teacher - Never say the f-word Billy!
Billy - Fuck you.
by Kryptick July 30, 2016
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A word that usually means "fuck",but it can also be used to describe "faggot" or "fag"
A:Hey dude do you know about the f-word?
B:Shut up you fucking faggot
by Under Kanal June 12, 2022
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the word fuck(a euphemism that one can use to refer to the word without actually saying it)
Did you just say the the f-word in front of me?
by Light Joker October 2, 2004
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When you mention fortniteso many times that your own fucking mom bans the word in the house, and you're forced to say "the f-word" in order to mention it. Some kids make slang terms in order to use it.
Hey, you wanna play some fortnite?
Bro, you can't say that fucking shit in this house the f-word is banned.
Fuck you im leaving youfag fortnite is so dopelmao
by Forniteforntitefontiefortnight November 2, 2018
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From the British series "The F Word", it refers to a list of directions - usually one word in length - followed by the objective of said directions and a rather forceful "DONE."
"I'm doing an F-Word on my toe... Epsom. Soak. Towel. Peroxide. Neosporin. Gauze. Wrap. Tape. Post-op Bandaged Toe... DONE."
by Chairman D March 5, 2009
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The word "friend" and when a girlfriend ever utters it you are ultimately dumped.
by Bill the Cat May 10, 2008
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