3 definitions by Kryptick

Since you wrote this, you are probably part of one of these categories:

1. You are retarded.
2. You have a lack of brain cells.
3. You are an illegal immigrant.
Dumb Fuck - You're mom is so fat that people yell Godzilla at her daily !!1
Fumb Duck - Learn English. Just do it.
by Kryptick July 30, 2016
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Another term that pussies, teachers, parents, or horny little kids use instead of "fuck". Since fuck is probably known as the "worst curse word" people like to substitute it. Here are some popular substitutions:

-Any word that starts with F that isn't surpassing 5 letters and isn't going below 4 letters. Also it should sound good when said in the sentence "*insert substitution here* you mooom!"
Teacher - Never say the f-word Billy!
Billy - Fuck you.
by Kryptick July 30, 2016
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Something people that are not funny tend to say to try to be funny.
Billy - So what did you do last night?
Retard - YOUR MOM!!1 Xd lmao lmfao lol
by Kryptick July 30, 2016
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