A beautiful girl. Terra is funny, sexy, smart... No one can live without her. She swears quite often, though she seems very innocent. Her smile lights up the room. She doesn't date too often, because guys don't really ask her our because they don't know her, she's mysterious. Also very shy. Terra's are typically tall, me fairly thin. They have the best eyes that you could ever see, and are amazing. If you have a Terra in your life, never let her go.
Terra is so beautiful. I heard that half the guys in her grade have a crush on her!
by This.is.me October 18, 2014
That fucker from Kingdom Hearts that got norted and was never seen again
by I made this acc as a joke April 21, 2019
Super special awesome person who's smile makes my day and is basically the cutest person ever. Trustworthy and easy to talk to and laugh with, generally an amazing person. Also has super cool hair and is all around adorable and likeable.
"What a great lady, she's such a Terra!"
by SpiffySheepLass November 11, 2011
an amazing chick, who nobody can live without.
p1- How are you?
p2- bad.
p1- why?
p2- i don't have a Terra in my life
by fyre53 April 7, 2009
Terra is a sexy girl who will rock your world.She is a badass and will love to go with you.Terras are usually slim thick and are know for the guys liking her.She fits in on the BBW side and lobes it! If you have a Terra kepp her because spite her apperance she is a kind,loving,sweet,funny,and rather clumbsy young lady!
Terra is my bae and i love it
by GEA HILGER January 9, 2018
A other name for Earth. Mostly used in scientific and science-fiction matter. Latin orgin: Terra=World
We come in peace from Terra
to conquer... eh visit your planet.
by Wuk November 13, 2003
An amazing, beautiful, sexy girl that is so fucking hilarious, and is always swearing.
"Damn, that girl's a total Terra."
by Damnfuckitshit October 10, 2011