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Mckayla is a demon. She is usually very pretty, but a bitch. A complete and utter bitch. She is usually insanely thin, so flat chested that her breasts are almost inverted, has brown hair and freckles, and crooked teeth. Mckaylas should be avoided at all costs.
Girl one "that chick over there is a complete bitch!"
Girl two " I know right? I bet you she's a Mckayla"
Chick "hey, I'm, like, mckayla. You look weird like have you heard of showering, your hair is insane greasy."
Girl two "told you"
by This.is.me October 20, 2014
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An ugly girl who is mean and fat. Brown hair usually piled on her head in a rats nest. She's a wanna be popular.
That girl is such a Darby!
by This.is.me October 20, 2014
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A beautiful girl. Terra is funny, sexy, smart... No one can live without her. She swears quite often, though she seems very innocent. Her smile lights up the room. She doesn't date too often, because guys don't really ask her our because they don't know her, she's mysterious. Also very shy. Terra's are typically tall, me fairly thin. They have the best eyes that you could ever see, and are amazing. If you have a Terra in your life, never let her go.
Terra is so beautiful. I heard that half the guys in her grade have a crush on her!
by This.is.me October 18, 2014
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