to the maximumnessnessness
The gelannewagen is terra big

Last night I was terra gesuip
by hopeless October 24, 2007
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a green-haired chick from the sixth game of a certain Square-Enix series on the SNES dressed in a red suit with powers of a monsterous esper. Half-esper, half-human, this girl must discover what love is and stop the evil, but godly Kefka. Her actions make her one of the best heroines of all-time.
Screw Tifa and Yuna, Terra pwns all!
by Terra Branford January 26, 2005
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1. In scientific words, earth. In normal words... who cares
2. The word all the fucking smart people in the world use for earth.
Scientist: Terra means earth
Normal Person: Who fuckin cares. Screw u.
by screwu October 09, 2007
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an abbreviation of the word 'terrible' most commonly used on the wirral peninsular by many of the weed heads and wannabe chavs. Can be further abbreviated to 'tezz'
person 1: Wahhh that spliff last night was terra.
person 2: Sorry lad only had a 10 bag between us.
by geezay May 28, 2008
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