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The spectacularly-failed attempt of Gary Schofield and Jason Loia on making a cash grab from a badly-done concoction of Tumblr, IMVU, and 4chan, which they funded through milking Gaia Online as hard as they could. It seemed like it was created basing on a 13-year-old's expectations of an 18+ site.

Its name alone guaranteed that the site would be used almost exclusively for cybersex and sharing porn. After most of its users realized that there's nothing else to do, they ditched it and moved elsewhere. It was eventually shut down on December 1, 2014 due to lack of users.
Tentacl might have been successful ten years ago but it looks really dated & the 18+ execution is full-on trash. It's visually awful and the UI is terrible. Couldn't they find a decent web designer in Silicon Valley?

User1: Tentacl belongs in the trash.
User2: No, not even a trashcan should be subjected to that.
by DopamineBaby December 14, 2014
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