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The cancer that is killing Gaia Online. He first gained infamy when he, as CEO, laid off most of Gaia's good employees and replaced them with dimwitted yes-men led by his sidekick Jason Loia (whom he made the COO). Afterwards, he began selling virtual items for as high as $1000 to fund the flop that would later be known as Tentacl. Later, he introduced gold generators to drive up the prices of everything in Gaia's marketplace up to the point that spending real cash became the only option to enjoy the site.

He earned the ire of the users for his money-hungry ways. To secure his control as the totalitarian autocrat of the site, he ordered the mods to censor the forums and silence users who single out him and/or his puppets. He received the nicknames "Goldemort" and "he-who-must-not-be-named" because people who mention Gary's real name in the forums attract the banhammer often.

Many among Gaia Online's once-loyal users and employees have left, and Gaia will continue to suffer unitl Gary and his cronies are exterminated.
The Gaia Online that we all once knew and loved is indeed dead. And its murderer's name is Gary Schofield.

User1: You can win 1 trillion gold from a gold generator?
User2: No. That's just a cheap marketing strategy that Gary Schofield aka Goldemort hatched while at his vacation house in Zimbabwe. Nobody is actually going to get 1tril from it
by DopamineBaby November 09, 2014
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