One of many police departments in a state
Jamie Reagan works as a rookie cop for NY 12th precinct or Jamisone Reagan works as a rookie officer for the NY 12 department
by sk8ter rae November 7, 2014
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A hypothesized scenario, where a really shitty part of town becomes a dumping ground for honest, enlightened cops(ie Serpico), who all the crooked, racist cops regard as a pain the ass. The result of having a precinct full of good, upstanding cops is that the area does a total 180, becoming a near Utopia, where different races get along, there are no drugs(except a little weed, here and there), and everybody is happy and friendly.
"Isn't MLK Boulevard a bad area?"
"No, not lately. Since all the good cops have been sent there, it's starting to turn into a Serpico precinct."
by Alex Stockwell June 1, 2007
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Guy #1 what’s the precinct name number in Brooklyn 99?
Guy #2 it’s the 99 precinct
by Flamingo76 November 11, 2020
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When political candidates and supporters go to neighborhoods (referred to as "precincts") to knock on doors, informing high propensity voters about who the best candidate for public office is. Instead of walking from door to door, time is saved by jogging.

Not recommended for fat people. Consult your physician before attempting, especially in hot weather.
Justin was out precinct walking with Dave. He just started jogging to cover ground, instead of walking. He was, in fact, Precinct Jogging.
by threatlevelorange June 12, 2010
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Crack-in-the-wall precinct in the upper west side where arrests are slim to none and predominantly of minorities
Yo son this neighborhood is mad white we better not do any dominican things or they'll say we're fuckin up the community and go to that 20th precinct shit
by Ian B'bein August 18, 2008
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The main police precinct in Guashingtong Heights, NY where the cops beat the shit out of piff carrying dominicans and get them ready for central bookings
Yo son lets not smoke that blunt in Highbridge, we might end up in tha 33rd precinct
by Ian B'bein October 12, 2007
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Guy #1 What precinct is that?
Guy #2 it’s the 99 precinct.
by Flamingo76 November 11, 2020
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